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How Do Older Men Keep Their Hair Thick?

harrison ford grey hair thick hair lossThe legendary actor Harrisson Ford was in the papers this week as he threw the ceremonial first pitch in front of fans at the Jackie Robinson Day celebration at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The veteran Star Wars actor is looking great and far younger that his 70 years, so what’s his secret?

Of course, a healthy diet and exercise can go some way to keeping older men looking and feeling younger, but when it comes to hair loss, even the healthiest people can struggle to keep their locks looking thick as the years go by. This is down to the fact that male pattern hair loss, the most common reason behind baldness in men, gets increasingly likely to cause noticeable hair loss as each year goes by, with 65% of men experiencing it at age 60, rising to 70% at 80.

Hair Wars

We cannot ‘cure’ this type of hair loss, due to the fact that the predisposition to it is caused by the genes that we inherit from our family tree. Those with a predisposition to hair loss have hair follicles atop the scalp that are sensitive to the naturally occurring androgen DHT. DHT causes shrinkage in the follicles, meaning that they produce weaker, thinner hairs that break easily, which can lead to the scalp showing through and hair appearing thinner overall.

Pattern hair loss can begin in men any time after puberty, and once hair loss begins it gradually (or sometimes quite quickly) causes hair to thin out noticeably. If left untreated, hair loss will progress until areas are completely shiny and bald, at which point it cannot be treated. However, if men act before this stage is reached, they have a great chance of halting hair loss and regrowing hair via a hair loss treatment programme.

Thick Hair For Harrisson

It’s important that such a programme contains at least one hair loss medication that has been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA. There are two such medications in existence today and the first of these, Propecia, works by blocking DHT, which stops the minaturisation of the follicles, preventing baldness. This medication is great for increasing the overall thickness of hair. So, it’s possible that Ford has been using Propecia to keep his hair looking so thick.

Alongside Propecia, hair follicles can benefit from a second clinically proven hair loss medication called minoxidil. This topical treatment can help to encourage regrowth in hair follicles that have been damaged by DHT, and is also great for regrowing a receding hairline, should the Indiana Jones actor ever notice thinning at his temples.

Preventing baldness by using a medically approved hair loss treatment programme is the best way to keep hair thick into old age, and if implemented when thinning begins, it can halt hair loss very effectively. Such a programme can be implemented in the comfort of your own home and requires only a few minutes each day to carry out. It is recommended that the medications be used alongside treatment boosters to ensure that hair is kept healthy and thick and regrowth occurs in the fastest time possible.

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