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HAiRMAX Professional 12 and Lux 9 Quick Start Guide

The HairMax LaserComb® is a very effective device when used correctly.  It is manufactured using precision components and should last a lifetime under normal usage.  Please take time to read the entire User Manual before operating the HairMax LaserComb.

Recommended usage of the HairMax LaserComb is 8-11 minutes (eight minutes for the Professional 12 and eleven minutes for the Lux 9), 3 times a week.  Move HairMax slowly ½ inch every 4 seconds.

It is recommended but not essential that the HairMax LaserComb be used on a clean scalp after washing.  Your hair can be wet, towel dried or dry.  The HairMax LaserComb should be used prior to applying any other topical treatments, gels, spray or concealing products.

The Belgravia Centre for hair loss
Charge your HairMax LaserComb using either the Charging Cradle and Power Cord (Figure A) or by placing Power Cord directly into the handle end of the HairMax (Figure B).  For initial charging, allow 2-3 hours to fully charge your HairMax LaserComb.  The Battery Indicator Light of the HairMax will illuminate yellow and Charging Cradle Indicator will illuminate red when charging.  When charging is completed, both light indicators will illuminate green.

Please Note: Using Charging Method in the Charging Cradle, the light on the device will not illuminate.  In this instance, the light on the Charging Cradle will show charge status.

The Belgravia Centre for hair loss
To turn on HairMax LaserComb press and hold the Power Button (lower button) down for 2-3 seconds.  The Power Button Indicator will light up green.  Next press the Laser Button.  The Laser Button Indicator will light up red which means the laser is functioning.


The Belgravia Centre for hair loss
3.  Place the HairMax LaserComb flat on your scalp
makng sure that both rows of teeth are touching the scalp.



4.  Start at your hairline. Move HairMax LaserComb slowly (in combing motion) by placing the device on a spot and The Belgravia Centre for hair loss
leaving it there 4 seconds.   Once you hear the beep or feel the vibration,  (the HairMax features an audible beep tone every 4 seconds which can aid you in timing the movements), move the HairMax LaserComb about 1/2 inch (1cm) to the next spot without lifting the device off your head.  You will make a few complete passes over your scalp.  For the first pass, move the HairMax LaserComb against the direction of the hair growth – front to back and side to side on the second pass.  Repeat these passes within the recommended 8 or 11 minutes.  With long hair, use a brush or you hand to lift your hair out of the way of the HairMax LaserComb.

The Belgravia Centre for hair loss5.  After treatment, turn off the HairMax Lasercomb by pressing and holding the Power Button (lower button) down for 2-3 seconds, remove the Power Cord from the wall electrical outlet and return the device and Power Cord to the case for storage or place it in the Charging Cradle/Stand.

Please Note:

  • Laser Light – Please avoid direct eye exposure
  • The total time required for treatment with the HairMax LaserComb should take between 8-11 minutes.
  • It is important to move the HairMax LaserComb very slowly, If you move the HairMax LaserComb too fast, the treatment will not be as effective.
  • While there are no negative effects from overuse, it is recommended that you use the HairMax LaserComb according to directions.

Please refer to the User Manual for additional product information.

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