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History Shows Americans Don’t Want a Bald President

Whilst studies suggest bald men make better leaders than their thinning counterparts, on the basis that shaved heads are often associated with strength and ruthlessness, it is men with a full head of hair who are generally seen as more youthful, vigorous and fair – and are more likely to get a job.

This is particularly interesting when looking back at the history of hair loss in elected American Presidents. To date, out of the 44 Heads of State voted into office, just five of these men have been noticeably balding – and only one of these, Eisenhower, was in modern times. President Gerald Ford also suffered from hair loss but he was not elected by the people.

Balding American Presidents

The Five Elected Presidents of the United States of America Who Suffered from Hair Loss

1. John Adams – The Second POTUS was the first to live in the White House. He was also the first balding President in American history.

2. John Quincy Adams – Elected in 1825, the son of the first bald president became the second leader to suffer from genetic hair loss.

3. Martin Van Buren – Often mocked for his ‘golden pate’, the Democrat sported a bald vertex with the classic horse shoe shaped ring of hair around the sides of his head – typical signs of male pattern hair loss.

4. James A. Garfield – History recalls this receding Republican as an ‘unlucky’ President who was only in office for 200 days before being shot by an assassin and dying in hospital.

5. Dwight D. Eisenhower – The only balding President elected in modern times, on meeting his similarly suffering treasury secretary for the first time, Eisenhower joked, “I see you comb your hair the way I do.”

Whilst the above Presidents were suffering from advanced hair loss when they first took office, a number of others have shown signs of thinning by the end of their tenure – unsurprising given the huge demands of the job and the known connection between stress and hair loss.

Similar Reaction to Bald Leaders in the UK

Interestingly, there is a similar correlation in the UK where the last balding Prime Minister was Winston Churchill in 1951 – although his opponent was equally bald!  Current PM, David Cameron faced accusations of changing his hair style to cover his thinning crown, after he ditched his parting and started slicking his hair back following press stories about his bald spot.

There was also speculation when the relatively hirsute Labour leader Tony Blair won the 1997 election, that his fuller, more youthful hair had given him an extra advantage over his opponents – receding Liberal Democrat, Paddy Ashdown and the completely grey Conservative, John Major.

Hair Loss Treatment to Help Win Votes?

Given this link between power and hair, and with developments in hair loss treatments now meaning there are a number of options available to combat male pattern baldness, we wonder if current world leaders are using the likes of Propecia to keep their hair and air of youthful vitality to help them appeal to voters?


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7th August, 2016 at 9:01 pm

Sandy Salmansohn

You forgot Gerald Ford.

8th August, 2016 at 10:39 am

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Sandy, He's definitely in there! "President Gerald Ford also suffered from hair loss but he was not elected by the people"

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