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Hair Loss In 2012: The Round Up

At The Belgravia Centre, we hope our patients have enjoyed 2012 as much as we have. Whilst we’re looking forward to next year and to the opening of our new clinic in Liverpool Street on January 14 – that’s if the Mayan prophecy about tomorrow being the end of the world doesn’t come true! – we want to take a moment and look back at this past year in hair loss, and what those celebs have been up to in relation to it.


Known universally as Rachael from Friends (and previously as Mrs Brad Pitt) Jennifer Aniston surprised us all by chopping off her shoulder length locks for a bob this year, revealing afterwards that she chose to do so after noticing that her hair extensions were causing her hair to thin out.


British cyclist Joanna Rowsell won two gold medals at the UCI world cup, and stood atop the podium without her trademark wig, which she often sports due to her alopecia. Her position as a role model for other women dealing with hair loss was cemented. She will go onto win a gold medal in the team pursuit event in the London Olympics.


Ke$ha tweeted a photograph of herself sporting a gold stud design on one side of her forehead. A novel way to cover up some potential traction alopecia possibly caused by hair extensions which the star can often be seen sporting, this method of dealing with hair loss might be a bit too extreme for us everyday folk to wear to work.


Mattel, the company behind the phenomenally successful Barbie doll, bowed to online pressure from the ‘Beautiful and Bald Barbie’ campaign and announced they would be producing a hairless Barbie doll to provide some comfort to young children dealing with hair loss. Mattel will donate the dolls to hospitals and hospices.


Declan Donelly, of the popular tv presenting duo Ant and Dec, takes to his blog to quash rumours of his having a hair transplant. Instead, he explains, his recent hair regrowth has been down to his use of Propecia.


Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett agrees to director Woody Allen’s request to shave off her hair for a film role, having previously found the experience ‘liberating’. She joins actress Natalie Portman as notable films stars who have willingly shaved their heads for a role.


Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan and Barbadian beauty Rihanna both show signs of patchy hair loss. Both women are fans of hair extensions/weaves, which could well be the reason for their thinning. This kind of hair loss is known as traction alopecia.


The ever-helpful Justin Bieber advises Prince William via a magazine interview to attend to his hair loss, adding: “You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?” We’re sure Wills was thrilled.


Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughn has had a hair transplant, and is mocked by football pundit and former player Robbie Savage, who banters: “I hope he can keep that squirrel on his head when he’s dancing.” How rude!


Twilight star Anna Kendrick goes on record talking about how stress and pressure from her busy filming schedule resulted in hair loss. Happily, though, her hair appears to have grown back naturally. In other news, playboy Calum Best has a hair transplant, costing him approximately £8,000.


Hollywood actress Kate Hudson opens up about experiencing Postpartum hair loss, reporting that all her hair had fallen out, as well as acne developing. Hudson said she had been surprised by the symptoms due to not experiencing them in her first pregnancy.


Matt Damon and Jon Bon Jovi both show signs of male pattern baldness developing, and celebrity hair stylist James Brown admits to having a hair transplant. Olympic champion snowboarder Shaun White cuts his red locks off for charity Locks of Love.

And that’s all folks! We hope you’ve had a great year and look forward to welcoming you to both our Victoria clinic and our new Liverpool Street premises in 2013, please call us 0800 077 6666 or message us to book an appointment at the new clinic, and we’ll be letting everyone know the new contact details shortly.


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