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Hair Loss Focus on Footballer, Cesc Fabregas

After images of Cesc Fabregas in pre-season training with his new team, Chelsea FC, appeared in the press, football fans took to social media to discuss his noticeable hair loss. Some Twitter users jokingly wondered if the midfielder had made the move from Barcelona to the London club in order to be closer to The Belgravia Centre!Twitter Reacts to Cesc Fabregas Hair Loss

The former Arsenal captain, who won the 2010 World Cup with Spain, seems to be displaying some of the tell-tale signs of Male Pattern Balding (MPB). Fabregas’ thick, dark hair now appears thinner with signs of a receding hairline – classic symptoms of genetic hair loss, the most common cause of hair loss in men.

Hair Loss Focus on Footballer, Cesc FabregasFor Fabregas, 27, the onset of male pattern hair loss appears to be fairly recent. Images from his international appearances for Spain at Euro 2012 and subsequent club performances with Barcelona do not indicate any noticeable hair loss although there is a suggestion of receding.

The fact that he has changed his hair style from a short back and sides, usually worn slightly longer at the front which often obscured his hairline, to a shaven look which, with his dark, black hair, makes any hair loss appear more obvious, could be the reason fans’ attention was suddenly drawn to his condition. Some have even speculated as to whether the reason for this new shaved look was one of necessity – could Fabregas have had a hair transplant to correct his receding hairline? If so, the results may not be seen for around six months and he would need to follow a hair loss treatment course as part of his after care in order to prevent the hair around the transplanted grafts from shedding as Male Pattern Baldness affects the whole top of the head area.

Making hair loss worse – and making it better

An example of one of our Hair Loss Success Story patients following treatment for a receding hairline caused by Male Pattern Baldness

An example of one of our Hair Loss Success Story patient’s results following treatment for a receding hairline caused by Male Pattern Baldness

Fabregas played regularly for Barcelona last season, with a total of 40 appearances and was awarded 10 yellow cards. The Spanish side finished second in La Liga also winning the Supercopa de Espana, and enjoyed good runs in both the Copa del Rey and Champions League. Professional sportsmen playing this kind of top flight football are often under immense pressure and, with the evident links between stress and hair loss, this could be a contributing factor to accelerating Cesc’s hereditary condition.

Starting a medically-proven hair loss treatment course now may be advisable for arresting Cesc’s current condition. He could consider using a high strength minoxidil formulation for regrowing hair on the temples, which is generally the slowest area to grow back.

If your hair loss is similar to Cesc Fabregas’, we recommend you see an experienced specialist who can advise you on the most effective treatment programme for your condition.

You can see examples of the results of Belgravia patients with similar conditions achieve in our Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories gallery. This collection of patient progress images from before and after starting personalised treatment courses, is the largest of its kind in the world and documents the kind of results people suffering from a range of hair loss conditions can experience and the time it takes to achieve them.

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