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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “…very helpful and extremely thorough in also describing the treatments possible for me…”

“Daiva Valioniene, Hair Loss Specialist was very helpful and thorough with the examination and the treatment recommendation. She was also thorough with the questions I had.  Tasha Keric, Treatment Advisor – Again, in similar fashion to Daiva Valioniene, she was also very helpful and extremely thorough in also describing the treatments possible for me, as well as answering any questions I had.  As soon as I entered the reception area, I was greeted and dealt with straight away; I was generally satisfied overall during my time in the reception area.”

“Yesterday I visited your centre to discuss about my rapidly hair loss situation and its possible treatment.  I saw Dr. Loida Cadiogan and discussed with her about it.  She was a fantastic professional person and it was great to discuss it with her.  She explained it to me the possible causes and reasons for losing my hair and its alternative treatment to regain my hair and to stop it from a continuous loss.  I was very happy with her explanation and recommendations, which I would be able to come back to her in due course.  Secondly, the receptionist were super and professional.  They offer me tea or coffee on my arrival at reception and very friendly atmosphere.  All in all, my observation is extremely excellent and I want you to be keep the service and the atmosphere that way for many years to come.”

“The Hair Loss Specialist, Treatment Advisor and Receptionists were all friendly and helpful with assistance.  Upon my initial visit did not expect to be seen straight away, however I was, and got a diagnosis of what is occurring with my hair / scalp.  The treatment discussed conveyed something could be done to improve the health of my hair / scalp condition.”

“Suzanne James was lovely.  Very kind and friendly and made me feel really comfortable and at ease all the way through the consultation.   Tasha – very nice and understanding!  A very sweet and polite woman.  Reception were very welcoming”

“I’m very hopeful about the treatment and I’m also very satisfied with the way I was helped by every party of the Belgravia Centre. My feedback is short because I’m in a hurry but I really felt it was necessary to comment.  Madame Suzanne James was very respectful and careful with the way she approached me and Madame Tasha Keric was very understanding and comfortable to talk to.  The reception greeted and dealt with me in a swift manner.  As I said I have very high hopes for this product and I hope I’ve been able to help you by providing this feedback.”

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21 Apr

Success Story Alert! New Female Hair Loss Treatment Entry

A new entry has just been added to Belgravia’s Female Pattern Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories gallery. Miss Thomas, pictured, has seen lots of new growth and an increased hair density since treatment began. Find out what she had to say and see her regrowth results close up, or find out more about treating hereditary hair loss in women by […]

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21 Apr

Bald American Ninja Warrior Competitor Has Alopecia Universalis

For a young American with a rare autoimmune disorder that leads to total hair loss on the head and body, one of the toughest fitness challenges on TV has provided him with the chance to push himself like never before. Connor Carlson, a 23-year-old student at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, has Alopecia Universalis, […]

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21 Apr

‘What Should a 25 Year Old Man’s Hairline Look Like?’

Name: Christian Question: Hi. I want to know what a normal hairline should look like for a 25 year old? I think I have thinning edges but can’t decide if it’s just my natural hairline or if I’m starting to have a receding hairline. My dad is balding but he’s in his 50s so I guess it’s normal […]

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