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Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “I was delighted with all of the members of your staff…”

“I thought Patricia was great, all my questions were answered and concerns were addressed appropriately. The overall services were good too, so I just want to say thank you and hope to visit the clinic again soon! Thank you!”

“Loida was very professional and put you at ease!  Would like to see her at my second treatment  Gayzen Very friendly and was a delight to meet her.”

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“I was delighted with all of the members of your staff, as I was treated with respect and consideration and on top of it all, warm and hearty friendliness.  My consultant, Daiva was excellent in explaining the whole process of hair loss to me, and was non-judgmental when she examined my own.  I did not feel embarrassed or humiliated to share openly and to have her informing me of the reasons and treatment options.  I do not wish to single any person out as all of your staff’s conduct was highly professional and so I will certainly return for follow-up treatments and advice.  I was happy to meet with your receptionists, especially as I was able to speak about our joined culture (S.A.) and exchange some humour about the English weather.  My treatment adviser was also friendly and non-judgmental especially when I realised that I would not be able to pay for the whole course.
I shall see you all soon.”

“Very happy with the advice Saive gave, she went through the whole process and explained my options.  Also very happy with Cherie’s services.  Lovely people all of them.  Very lovely staff.”

“Everyone was pretty perfect on the day.  Reassuring and helpful, answered all my questions and made everything very clear.  The facilities were clean, tidy and well presented and the medicine arrived promptly later that week.  No problems so far.”

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25 Apr

What is Invisible Hair Loss and How Do You Tell if You Have it?

In what could be the oddest bit of “rebranding” for some time, an article on a US website has given a new name to the genetic hair loss condition, Male Pattern Baldness. The Fox News website explains how a typical healthy scalp has around 100,000 hairs and that around half of these can be lost before […]

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24 Apr

Success Story Alert! New Male Hair Loss Treatment Entry

A new entry has just been added to Belgravia’s Male Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories gallery. Brian, pictured, is thrilled with his regrowth to date, hes improvement in all areas affected by his hereditary condition. Find out what he had to say and see his regrowth results close up, or find out more about treating Male Pattern Baldness by clicking […]

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24 Apr

‘My Daughter Has Severely Thinning Hair Following PCOS Diagnosis’

Name: Richa Question: My teenage 14 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS and she has been experiencing severe hair loss since last year. Her beautiful thick hair are now very thin and scanty. please advise Answer: Hi, Richa. Diffuse hair loss is common in cases where there has been an underlying medical issue. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is […]

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