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Frontal Baldness – How to Prevent and Regrow Frontal Hair Loss

Frontal Balding

Men who have achieved dramatic improvement to their receding hairline from a Belgravia treatment course for hair loss. Please click on the picture for more information on frontal baldness and what can be done.

Frontal balding, otherwise known as a receding hairline or widow’s peak, is one of the most common patterns of hair loss. This pattern of hair loss will mostly affect men, but in some cases women can also be affected. This type of frontal hair loss will usually be attributed to a condition called Male Pattern Hair Loss, which is by far the most treatable hair loss condition.

How is Frontal Balding Treated?

The Belgravia Pharmacy produces a number of medically proven medications that are designed specifically for frontal hair loss. These products are based on the licensed and clinically proven medication minoxidil, and are produced in high-strength formulations in Belgravia’s in-house production laboratory, and in a texture that ensures areas of stubborn baldness such as a receding hairline can be carefully targeted. Our Minoxidil 10% and 12.5% + azelaic acid creams have been used to successfully treat frontal hair loss in hundreds of men, as can be seen in so many cases displayed on Belgravia’s gallery of hair loss success stories. The Belgravia Pharmacy also produces other high strength minoxidil products that can be used in conjunction with minoxidil cream, to ensure best results for all patterns of hair loss.

Why is Belgravia’s minoxidil cream different to other options?

Minoxidil is a product available off-the-shelf in many chemists in the UK. There are a number of important differences between Belgravia’s minoxidil formulations and off-the-shelf minoxidil products such as Regaine or Regaine Foam.

  • Belgravia minoxidil is only available on prescription. This is because it is prescribed by our in-house dermatologist in higher doses than those available without a prescription, with various ingredients are added to assist in the blockage of DHT (the product that causes hair loss).
  • The texture of minoxidil depends on the patient’s pattern and stage of hair loss. Those with stubborn areas of thinning or baldness that require a targeted application can use one of the creams so that the product can be applied directly to the problematic area. Those with thicker hair or more sparse hair thinning may be recommended one of our high-strength liquid formulations. Some people will be recommended both types (one to be used in the morning and one in the evening).
  • Belgravia minoxidil is produced with care and only the highest quality ingredients by our specialist in-house pharmacy. When visiting The Belgravia Centre, you are able to see the minoxidil being produced in our in-house production laboratory.

What else can be done?

In addition to minoxidil, Belgravia’s specialists offer the other clinically proven medication Propecia, and a number of hair growth boosters to ensure the very best results.

What’s best for you?

A Belgravia specialist will examine your hair and scalp or review the diagnostic form you have submitted in order to prescribe the very best treatment options for you. Treatment recommendations will depend on your medical profile and your stage and pattern of hair loss, and will be carefully considered to ensure your treatment programme offers the highest chances of hair regrowth.

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