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Ex-Footballer Steve Claridge Shows Signs of Hair Transplant Surgery

Footballer-turned-pundit, Steve Claridge has been pictured with scalp wounds that suggest he is the latest sportsman to undergo a hair transplant.

Former Footballer Steve Claridge Shows Signs of Having Just Had a Hair TransplantTackling his receding hairline

Like many men his age – and plenty who are much younger – the 49-year old has been dealing with hair loss for years now. In particular, Claridge (pictured right), who is perhaps best known for playing for 24 different clubs in the 29 years he was a professional footballer, has been experiencing a receding hairline.

A report in today’s Mirror shows Claridge sporting triangular-shaped wounds which fill in the receded areas of his widow’s peak, as well as a bloody patch at the back of his head. This is likely to be where donor hair was harvested from before being relocated to his hairline.

Close season hair transplants

From Wayne Rooney to Anthony Stokes, football’s summer break, known as the ‘close season’, seems to mark open season for hair transplants. It is becoming increasingly popular for sportsmen opting to undergo this type of surgery to do so between seasons, whilst they have time off to heal.

Although Claridge no longer plays, he is a BBC TV and radio pundit so his schedule still revolves around football fixtures.

Footballer Kris Boyd Was Inspired to Have a Hair Transplant After Seeing James McFadden's ResultsKilmarnock striker Kris Boyd, 31, has also just undergone an FUE hair restoration procedure after being inspired by fellow Scottish Premier League player, James McFadden. Kris, pictured here with James before and after his operation, saw similarities in their hairlines.

To be honest, I looked at James McFadden’s hair and I knew straight away I had to get one,” the Scotland international said. “I’ve got a lot to live up to, to get mine as good as his. He wears his hair a lot longer than I do but then again he got more grafts put in than me and he was a lot balder – he really needed it done.”

Even footballers can struggle with self-confidence issues when faced with male pattern baldness. Boyd explains, “You get used to not having your hair but having it back again can make you feel a lot more confident in yourself. It totally changes your appearance”.

Surgery or treatment?

In some cases of severe hair loss, a transplant may be the best option, however it is generally possible for men with mild to advanced thinning to see regrowth results without resorting to invasive surgery.

Male hair loss treatment courses featuring products clinically-proven to prevent further shedding and promote regrowth often generate significant results. One thing many men don’t realise is that, if they do decide to opt for surgical restoration, it is advisable that they use hair loss treatments both before and after, on an on-going basis, following their operation.

Using MHRA and FDA approved components such as high strength minoxidil before surgery helps to prep the hair. It can stabilise hair fall making the hair easier for the surgeon to work with. Continuing to use these treatments after surgery is part of a maintenance plan to prevent hair loss following a transplant.

Thinning can continue to affect the hair around the transplanted area as the DHT which causes male hair loss will go on attacking the top of the head, unless preventative measures are taken. So, whilst both Boyd and Claridge may not be used to playing defensive roles, if they want to have winning transplant results, they’ll need to look in to preventative aftercare.

Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic Hair Loss Specialist Free ConsultationThe Belgravia Centre

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