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Does Loving a Younger Woman Guarantee Hair Regrowth?

Paul Daniels The Belgravia CentreThe ageing Lothario with a younger woman on his arm is the Hollywood cliché. The stereotypical man in question also appears to sport a new head of thick, glossy hair further serving to underline his masculinity. But is this realistic? Which comes first, the younger woman or the hair regrowth?

For many, the most obvious example of this phenomenon is found much closer to home in the form of Paul Daniels. Accompanied everywhere by his glamorous assistant and wife, the lovely Debbie McGee, the 73 year old magician for many years appeared to have escaped the receding hairline which affects three quarters of men of the same age.

What is Paul Daniels’ Secret?

Is having a much younger partner the recipe for extended hair line retention? Apparently not. Daniels first noted thinning hair in his early twenties, something he attributed to an act of ‘magic’. As a result Paul Daniels wore a wig for much of his professional career as a magician, giving the impression of a full head of hair when in fact he was experiencing significant loss through androgenic alopecia.

Daniels finally decided to retire his hairpieces earlier this year as part of the promotion for his ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’ tour. He even went as far as auctioning one of his wigs for charity on eBay where it sold for £1,100.

Hairline and Confidence

Despite Daniels’ success in attracting younger women (his biography alleges he has had over 300 sexual partners), many men experiencing hair loss suffer a related decline in self-esteem too. Because of this, treatment for male pattern balding has a significant impact beyond hair regrowth.

As with Paul Daniels, a younger partner is no guarantee of hair regrowth, or retention. There are, however, a number of effective treatments to combat most hair loss conditions that do not involve hairpieces of the magician’s variety.

Treating Hair Loss Properly

Dependent on a client’s specific situation, The Belgravia Centre’s experts have a number of hair loss treatments that have a proven track record of encouraging regrowth. Alongside medications such as Propecia and Minoxidil, Hair Growth Boosters such as the HairVitalics dietary supplement, unique to The Belgravia Centre, and the HairMax LaserComb can both assist in preventing further hair being shed.

All of the treatments prescribed by our hair loss specialists are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Each of the medications have been cleared for use by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency of America and the Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the United Kingdom. The LaserComb has also been cleared by teh FDA. These regulatory bodies safeguard public health by assessing treatments prior to approval for use on patients.

Best yet, our unique Hair Growth Boosters are included in the cost of many of our hair loss treatment plans.

Moving On

The first step in restoring hair and confidence is to arrange an appointment with a hair loss specialist. During the course of a free initial consultation, clients of The Belgravia Centre will have their hair examined and an initial treatment plan will be developed according to their previous medical history.

As Hair Regrows, So Too Does Self Confidence

There are many success stories of hair regrowth on our website.  Many of our patients also report additional benefits, perhaps the most important of which is an increasing level of self-confidence.

Few football fans will have failed to notice the correlation between Rooney’s return to form on the football pitch and his thicker, fuller head of hair. Having undergone a high profile hair transplant operation earlier in the year, Rooney went on to a hair restoration regime which included the drug Propecia. Football pundits are always keen to point out that a striker’s success is directly related to their confidence; Rooney’s resurgence in front of goal could well be related to his returning hairline.

One of the other benefits of increased self-esteem and confidence is the way it helps in establishing relationships. Anecdotally men who are confident in their appearance also find it easier to be confident when approaching members of the opposite sex. It is this increased confidence which leads many to assume that hair regrowth may be a factor in older men attracting younger women.

New Treatments for Greater Success

Previously men experiencing hair loss had two choices; the Paul Daniels approach involving the use of ever more unsubtle wigs, or to simply grin and bear it. Eventually even Paul Daniels realised that his hairpiece was probably not the best choice!

The development of proven hair loss reversal drugs and personalised treatment plans have increased the options open to men (and women!) helping to restore not only hairlines, but also confidence in the process. As the UK’s leading hair loss clinic, The Belgravia Centre have a proven track record in successfully treating conditions such as male pattern baldness.

So to find out more about how The Belgravia Centre can help restore your confidence, complete our online diagnostic form or contact us to arrange an initial, free consultation with one of our hair loss experts. If you can’t get to London we can mail your personalized hair loss treatments anywhere in the world.

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