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Do you offer a PPG free minoxidil solution in liquid form?

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Name: Gokce

Minoxidil-5-+-Minoxidil-12.5-Medium-Small3Question: I used to buy minoxidil 5% PPG free from a US web site. I tried regular minoxidil solutions in the past and they irritated my scalp a great deal. Then I switched to a PPG free product in liquid form (using glycerine instead) and I have been quite comfortable with it. Lately I have been having difficulty finding a suitable product as I understand there are some issues with the FDA in the US with custom-made minoxidil products. Can you offer me a similar product – a PPG free minoxidil solution in liquid form?

Answer: Belgravia is able to provide liquid minoxidil containing glycerine instead of PPG either with azelaic acid, or MPG, which are added ingredients that appear to block DHT when applied locally.

Minoxidil is prescription only, and requires either a free consultation in person at one of our clinics or the completion of an online consultation form to ensure your suitability for the treatment. Once this has been approved, the hair loss treatment programme, including the minoxidil, can be posted out to you.


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