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Do You Have…Any Hair Regrowing Products That Would Be In Shampoo Form?

shampoos-and-conditioners belgravia centreName: Khalid

Question: Do you have or do u know of any hair regrowing products that would be in shampoo form? Do you think Regaine or Rogaine or Bosley or any other hair growing products would be in any kind of foam or shampoo form. If there were a shampoo version of any kind of regrowing hair product then I would definitely buy it and use it.

Answer: A shampoo is not a suitable medium for a hair loss treatment; this is because shampoos are used in such a way that they are not absorbed into your scalp. The reason that Belgravia’s topically applied hair loss treatment minoxidil comes in a liquid or cream form is for absorption purposes: you apply the product and then leave it on your scalp. The product must be left on the head in order for the scalp to absorb it, at which point the treatment begins to work.

However, you apply a shampoo, massage it in to the hair, then rinse it off almost straight away, meaning that it is not left on the scalp long enough for it to have any lasting effect in terms of treating hair loss. For this reason, a hair growth product cannot be added to a shampoo, as it will not be effective. Belgravia produces a range of shampoos and conditioners that are designed to suit a wide variety of hair and scalp types and as such are highly complementary to a treatment plan that contains clinically proven medication, but alone the shampoos will not treat hair loss, they will merely improve the condition of existing hair.

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