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Female Pattern Hair Loss Photoscans The Belgravia Centre“I am so glad I started the treatment at Belgravia. I used to be so stressed and worried and felt self-conscious about going out and felt that people were staring at me.  My niece suggested I come to Belgravia as the treatment had helped her hair growth.  I started the treatment 2 years ago and my hair is so much thicker now.  The staff are very friendly and helpful, I would definitely recommend this clinic.”

S Smith

Age: Early 50’s

Diagnosis: Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss Comment The Belgravia Centre

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“Loida could not have been more informative or thorough in her explanation – the photographs really helped me to understand the situation.  I did not at any point feel rushed or like my questions were silly. As I shared with Deborah at the appointment, I was really pleasantly surprised at how friendly and warm the experience was. I was genuinely expecting a ‘hard sell’ technique. Deborah explained the potential treatment plan with simple and easy to understand language, plus detailed the finances with simplicity, no big words or pushy sales attitude.  Reception were friendly, polite and were attentive to ensure no person was left bored or unattended to, whilst managing busy phone lines. Easy to reach location (though google puts the address on the other side of the square).   The centre was clean, spacious and well laid out. There was a selection of up to date magazines and newspapers – (which most office underestimate what a bonus this is for visitors!).  I loved the inclusion of big screen televisions to view your scalp photos – this was a really modern, current way to present concrete evidence of my situation.  I also liked that the specialist treating me was not the same person who discussed finances.  Obviously whoever mapped out the client journey on a consultation considered all of this and the experience felt very well conceived.  Impressed.”

New Street 1st Floor Reception 740_edited-2

“Lindsay was very warm and understanding and made me feel at ease when expressing my concerns about my hair.  Deborah was very friendly and welcoming and could answer all of my questions.  I was very happy with reception’s service.  My appointment was bang on time and the receptionist was lovely. I had my first appointment and treatment yesterday and can say that I am very contented with the experience. The general atmosphere of the centre is very welcoming and made me feel like I am in safe hands and I am looking forward to my next visit in three months. The lady who washed my hair and gave me my first massage was also lovely and I felt at ease with her.”

“All I can say about the clinic is that everyone seems to be very helpful, knowledgeable and thoughtful about patients conditions. I was really pleased and thankful I went for a free consultation and since I would like to get one of your treatments I will certainly come back.”

“I thought all of your staff were very helpful, informative and had a pleasant nature including the lady who washed and treated my hair.  I am looking forward to returning and will certainly recommend the company to my friends.”

“Edyta Wener was very professional, tactful but straight to the point (which I liked), explained about my hair condition in detail which she recognised straight away and also what could be done regarding treatment. She was also very friendly and made me feel at ease!  Deborah Sutton was very professional answered my queries regarding the treatment and also explained what I would receive as part of the treatment plan that I had decided to go for which I thought was excellent value for money!! Again I was made to feel at ease.  Reception staff – first class professionalism! I was greeted straight away and dealt with promptly.  I liked the appearance and atmosphere of the clinic because I didn’t feel as if I was attending a clinic!”

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Alopecia Areata Photoscans The Belgravia Centre

Google Review

“Excellent result after 6 months of treatment. I completely got my hair back. If you guys face the similar problem go for it guys they wont disappoint u….Thank u The Belgravia Centre
52 Grosvenor Gardens, London.”

Mr S

Age: Mid 20’s

Diagnosis:  Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata Google Review The Belgravia Centre

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Traction Alopecia and Chemical Trauma Photoscans The Belgravia Centre“The hair that has grown back is approx 2 inches long and I now have a hairline which I seem to have lost previously. I am so happy with these results so far, thank you.”

Miss Crown, by email.

Age: Mid 30’s

Diagnosis:  Traction Alopecia and Chemical Trauma

Please note:  The photoscans labeled ‘Month 1′ were taken in our clinic and hair extensions can be seen.  Miss Crown has submitted the ‘Month 6′ photos herself after having the extensions removed.

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06 Mar

Hair Growth Success: “…my hair is so much thicker now…”

“I am so glad I started the treatment at Belgravia. I used to be so stressed and worried and felt self-conscious about going out and felt that people were staring at me.  My niece suggested I come to Belgravia as the treatment had helped her hair growth.  I started the treatment 2 years ago and […]

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06 Mar

Freddie Flintoff Asks Will Smith If He Would Consider A Hair Transplant

Sportsman, Freddie Flintoff recently committed an embarrassing gaffe by asking the movie star Will Smith – who is not showing any signs of hair loss – if he would consider a hair transplant. ‘Absurd experience’ The bizarre interview came about when cricketer, Flintoff was sent to interview actors Will Smith and Margot Robbie about their new film […]

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05 Mar

Hair Growth Success: “…I got 45% result within 3 months…”

“Only 3 months I am on the treatment.  But I am very happy with the result v. v. good result I got 45% result within 3 months.  I can not imagine how good is I using more.” Mr S Hussain Age: Late 30’s Diagnosis: Male Pattern Hair Loss 

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