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Female Pattern Hair Loss and Diffuse Hair Loss Photoscans The Belgravia Centre

“Hi Susan

I have been away so have been remiss with replying to my emails. This is my story and I am happy for you to use my photos in any way you choose.

I have always had fine hair that was silky and soft. When I began to go through the menopause, my hair started to fall out so that it was all over my pillow and in my shower. I tried every new product on the market, including not washing my hair for 6 weeks to try and stop the inexorable march to baldness!!

I had had a very stressful few years prior to the onset of menopause and that contributed a lot to the state of my depleted hormones. I returned to South Africa after living in the UK for 19 years. I have always been very active and have done exercise all my life. When in SA, I began to put on weight and no amount of diet or exercise would shift it. I found doctor who tested for hormonal balance and we found that I had none of the normal expected levels of hormones for a woman of my age and in addition, my adrenal gland was burnt out and my thyroid was not working. Even when I had all the medication to correct the problems, my hair didn’t improve at all. I began to loose weight but my hair got thinner. I found a place called “Hair Options” in Cape Town and their solution was to shave the top of my head and have a hair piece glued on to the shaved area using surgical tape. This was a great solution but very short term and required having it redone every 4 weeks.

When I decided to return to the UK to study, I couldn’t find a place to continue as I had done in Cape Town. My solution was to shave my head completely and to wear a wig instead. My son, who has inherited my hair, had found the Belgravia Centre and his hair was looking amazing. I decided to give it a try because I had nothing to loose. I started with the Centre in August 2014 and the results have been amazing!! I have been dedicated in using the medication, having a monthly treatment and using the laser comb.

Friends and family are astounded at the improvement in my hair. When my hair was at its worst, it had also lost its silkiness and was actually frizzy. My hair has its shine and its silkiness back and is thicker and stronger than it has ever been. I am just starting my second year with the Centre and am very grateful to them giving me my hair back.”


Age:  Late 50’s

Diagnosis:  Female Pattern Hair Loss and Diffuse Thinning

Female Pattern Hair Loss and Diffuse Hair Loss Email Comment The Belgravia Centre

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Traction Alopecia + Follicular Degeneration Syndrome Photoscans The Belgravia Centre“I started treatment about 8 months ago and I have seen amazing improvements.  My hairline was receding and I was losing hair on my sides.  I took advice, started taking the medication and now my hair is growing back.  The staff at Belgravia are professional and friendly and give amazing advice.  The treatments are soothing and everyone treats clients with so much respect.  Although I know all of my hair will not grow back coming to Belgravia Centre was the best decision of my life!  I would definitely recommend anyone with hair loss issues to contact Belgravia as they are surely the Best.”


Age:  Mid 20’s

Diagnosis: Traction Alopecia + Follicular Degeneration Syndrome 

Traction Alopecia + Follicular Degeneration Syndrome Comment The Belgravia Centre

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22 Oct

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21 Oct

Hair Growth Success: “Easy to get on with the staff…”

“Easy to get on with the staff, very pleased with the improvement.” George M Age: 20 Diagnosis:  Male Pattern Hair Loss  

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21 Oct

Birth Control, Babies and Female Hair Loss

With news of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, dealing with morning sickness from her second pregnancy and fellow brunette Cheryl Fernandez-Versini announcing she’s in no rush to have kids, we take a look at the link between birth control and female hair loss. Oral contraceptives and thinning hair Oral contraceptives can cause hormonal changes which may […]

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