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Canada Appoints Its First Bald Police Chief

Canada has appointed Mark Saunders head of police – the first bald police chief the country has ever had.

The father of four, who has worked for the Toronto Police Service for 32 years, is the city’s first ever black police chief, and this is being hailed as a historic step. But his lack of hair is also attracting attention, and has been called a “stylish” image for the city.

Toronto Police Chief Mark SaundersBaldness and authority

Studies have shown that people have a number of preconceptions about bald men.

One such stereotype – confirmed by survey findings – which could well benefit Mark Saunders in his new role, is that baldness conjures up a perception of strength and dominance.

This may explain why America’s national football team has a history of only selecting bald goalkeepers!

A report from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School also found that being completely bald – including having a shaved head – can actually be beneficial in achieving success.

Harder to get a job?

When accepting the role, the highly-respected cop said of his appointment in Toronto, ““They deserve the best police service in the world — a police service that is bias-free and whose members treat everybody with respect and dignity. You have my promise that I will do everything in my power to provide just that.”

Whilst Saunders clearly isn’t one of them, people suffering from hair loss may have been on the receiving end of hair-related bias; reports suggest it may be more difficult for them to get a job than it is for their more hirsute peers, particularly in public office.

Daniel Hannan, a Conservative MP and writer, wrote in the Telegraph that despite British politicians like William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard having “impressive and inspiring” careers, they were unable to “match Tony Blair follicle for follicle”.

This backs the longstanding belief that voters tend to shy away from backing leaders with significant signs of hair loss, as per the often referenced fact that the American people have never appointed a balding President.

Accepting hair loss

There is a world of difference between having thinning hair and being totally bald.

Having the confidence to accept hair loss and deal with it accordingly – whether by shaving your head, finding a haircut that flatters you, or by getting hair loss treatment – is often seen in a positive light. This is most likely due to the fact that those who are comfortable with their decision and don’t have to worry about hair loss can appear happier.

Furthermore, this positive attitude may also translate as youthfulness – another valuable characteristic valued by employers, particularly as a recent study showed that youthful, or youthful-feeling, employees are more productive.

Fifty-two year old Mark Saunders (pictured) definitely seems to be happy with his choice – and it seems his city is too!

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