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‘Can Scalp Botox Prevent Thinning Hair?’

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Name: Jenny

Question: I heard about scalp botox – will it help stop my hair from thinning please? I’m losing my hair a bit and wanted to do something about it before it gets too noticeable. I already get botox for my face once or twice a year so hoped the scalp injections might help me to grow my hair back. Also, my face person doesn’t do scalp botox so do you know who does?

Answer: Hi Jenny. Scalp botox can have a cosmetic effect on thinning hair, however, it will not treat your hair loss.

Scalp Botox Will Not Treat Hair LossWhilst it has been used previously to treat chronic headaches, this type of botox is a current beauty trend whereby the injections are used to prevent a sweaty scalp. The reason this can appear to help thinning hair is because when your head gets sweaty or wet – or even just a bit greasy – it tends to make thinning hair look more lank and separated, which makes it seem sparser.

Freshly-washed and dried hair looks fuller even if it is thinning and scalp botox is meant to help prolong the length of your blow dry leading to its nickname ‘blow-tox’ or ‘blotox’. By preventing the hair from getting sweaty, botox can give the hair a fuller appearance, however this is nothing more than a temporary ‘look’.

Your hair loss condition – which is most likely to be caused by Female Pattern Hair Loss or Telogen Effluvium as these both cause shedding (the former from the top of the head and the latter from all over the scalp) – will not benefit from botox and is likely to get worse if the underlying cause is not dealt with.

As yet, there is no clinical evidence that botox can treat hair loss or encourage growth so, if you would like to address your thinning, your best option is to speak to a hair loss specialist for advice. Once they have identified the reason for your shedding, they can tailor a bespoke hair loss treatment course with minoxidil and specially selected hair growth boosters, to stabilise hair fall and help promote regrowth.

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