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‘Can Getting a Perm Cause Hair Loss?’

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Perming and Hair LossName: Ann

Question: Can perming your hair cause hair loss please?

Answer: Hi, Ann. It is highly unlikely that perming your hair would cause hair loss if done by an experienced professional, assuming your hair is in good condition to start with and you have no underlying hair loss condition.

Perming – just like relaxing the hair – uses harsh chemicals so there is more risk of damaging the hair, or causing hair loss when using home-perming kits. Potential hazards include leaving the solution on the hair for too long, not mixing the ingredients properly, or perming your hair too frequently. There is also the risk of an allergic reaction so it is important to always carry out a patch test before use and follow the instructions carefully if this is something you are planning to do yourself.

If your hair is malnourished to start with, perhaps from over-dying, bleaching or even from a lack of nutrients due to dietary deficiencies, perming can make the hair weak and prone to breakage. This is where the hair strands snap along the shaft although the follicle is not affected. The resulting split ends can make the hair appear frizzy and thin but can usually be put right with a haircut and some deep conditioning treatments.

As long as you are sensible in your approach and take good care of your hair otherwise there is little risk of hair loss, but should you notice your hair thinning or start experiencing excessive hair fall after getting a perm you should consult a hair loss specialist. Sometimes people who have a genetic predisposition to the hereditary hair loss condition androgenetic alopecia – more commonly known in women as Female Pattern Hair Loss – can trigger or exacerbate their condition by stressing the follicles, which could happen if perming solution is used incorrectly.

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