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Bald Hollywood Heart-Throbs

Bruce Willis Jason Statham The Belgravia CentreThree experiments by Albert Mannes, a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania, suggested that people viewed bald men as manly, tall, strong, and possessed of great leadership potential. The results of his study have been published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Baldness may not be something which every man wishes to embrace, especially if it’s as a result of a genetic hair loss condition rather than a decision to reach for the razor, but it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of either. Many of Hollywood’s most successful actors are bald, and very much bear out Mannes’ findings.

Here is our pick of Hollywood’s most attractive bald stars:

Jason Statham

With his bald pate, chiselled good looks and toned body, it’s hard to resist this action movie star’s universal appeal – his tough guy image is all part of his success, and in one of his most recent films he appears with long hair. The effect is instantly character-changing; he no longer comes across as dominant and manly. In Albert Mannes’ research, bald men ranked higher for “masculinity, strength, dominance and leadership potential”.

Bruce Willis

The king of the 90s action movie, Bruce Willis portrays a tough, masculine image in the Die Hard films and pretty much any role he’s in thanks to his buzzed head. Bruce Willis with hair? We don’t think so.

Tyson Beckford

The famous American supermodel Tyson Beckford has modelled for the likes of Ralph Lauren, so it’s clear his bald style hasn’t held him back! The fact that he has such chiselled good looks probably works in his favour, but there’s no denying that his bare head adds to his sex appeal.

Patrick Stewart

He may have dressed up as a lobster for Halloween, but our English Mr. Stewart is surely one of the finest bald actors to step in front of a camera. The Enterprise just wouldn’t be the same with a hairy captain.

Billy Zane

Billy Zane is probably best known for his roles in Titanic and the 1989 movie ‘Dead Calm’ alongside Nicole Kidman. With his Greek Ancestry to thank for his good looks, Billy Zane is one of those rare men who looks dashing with or without hair. Titanic fans will remember his dark, glossy mop of hair, whereas these days his buzzed off style emphasises his dark good looks and piercing eyes.

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