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Alopecia Woman Regrets Hair Weave

Writing for the Daily Mail, Michael Gove’s columnist wife, Sarah Vine has revealed her new hair weave and detailed the many problems she has encountered with the style. Since the age of twelve, Sarah has been affected by Alopecia Areata, a condition that results in patchy hair loss and bald spots.

Since she first began losing her hair, Sarah has dreamed of owning thick, lustrous long hair. And when she finally arranged a session with celebrity stylist Lucinda Ellery, Sarah thought she had realised her dream.

Alopecia Areata Sufferer, Sarah Vine Regrets Hair Weave to Achieve Her Dream of Long Hair

Sarah Vine after the Hair Weave (image: MailOnline)

A “hair fairy”?

Calling herself a “hair fairy”, Lucinda Ellery works with women across the world to disguise the effects of hair loss conditions including Alopecia Areata. In Sarah Vine’s case, Ellery suggested that a specialist hair weave may be the solution.

Sarah underwent a long and intensive procedure which began with having a micro mesh placed directly onto her scalp. Hair loss technicians then pulled her hair, almost one strand at a time, through the holes in the mesh, before heat-sealing the mesh in place. Real hair extensions were then woven through the mesh to give the volume and length that Sarah wanted so badly.

According to Ellery, the weave will stay in place for up to two years.

Initial problems

Following the procedure, Sarah reported feeling quite unsettled by her new hair, mostly because she was out of practice at managing long hair. She found the new hair to be hot, uncomfortable and difficult to manage at first. Lucinda Ellery advised her to persevere however, and Sarah did eventually come to terms with her new hairdo.

Problems with weaves

In Sarah’s case, many of her problems with the weave come from the sudden addition of hair. Most hair loss treatments encourage hair to grow at a steady rate, so that length and volume are added subtly. Taking this approach allows people time to adjust to their new hair as it grows.

Unfortunately for Sarah, hair weaves present significant danger to her own, healthy hair. The mesh used to attach extensions places additional tension on what remains of Sarah’s hair which can, in some cases, lead to a condition known as Traction Alopecia. This condition sees the hair follicles stretched out of shape, causing further hair loss and making it even harder to regrow hair naturally.

As Sarah discovered, hair weaves are not the magic solution to Alopecia Areata or any other hair loss condition. Anyone concerned about losing their hair should, in the first instance, consult a professional hair loss expert to explore options for natural regrowth.

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