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ACell and PRP Combination: Revolutionary Hairloss Cure?

ACell Pig Hair Loss BelgraviaThe latest news from the tabloid press suggests that a revolutionary new hairloss cure might have been found, but just how revolutionary is it? More importantly is it effective and practical?

This is far from the first time the media has latched onto some new research or treatment which they claim is the new ‘miracle cure’ that Male Pattern Baldness sufferers have been waiting for, ignoring the effective options already available. This time, the news revolves around a single test trial due to take place in the UK, involving 20 men who will be injected with mixture of platelet–rich plasma (PRP) taken from their own blood, and a powder extracted from the bladder of pigs, known as Acell.

Newspapers have seized upon the comments of Dr. Raghu Reddy, a hairloss clinician who is leading the research in the UK. Dr. Reddy has been quoted in the press as saying: “[this treatment] is as close as we have come to a cure for Male Pattern Baldness. This revolutionary injectable combination of ACell and PRP may be the answer to restoring hair growth for those in the early to moderate stages of hair loss.”

ACell: “junk science”?

ACell has been around since 1999, and is manufactured by a US company of the same name. It has previously been claimed to have miraculous regenerative qualities, but the credibility of this claim has been called into question. In 2008 it was claimed that Lee Spievack,  a hobby store salesman and the brother of ACell’s founder Alan Spievack, had re-grown part of his finger after using the pig’s bladder powder following an accident involving a model plane propeller. At the time, newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic heralded this “miracle cure”.

However the media was quickly left with egg on its collective face when the claims were dismissed as “junk science” by leading plastic surgeon Professor Simon Kay, who is professor of hand surgery at the University of Leeds.

Spievack claimed that within four weeks of using the powder his finger had regained its full length, but Professor Kay pointed out that the photos provided showed that the injury was not serious. “It’s a ridiculous story – absurd and over-egged in the extreme,” he said. “It looked to have been an ordinary fingertip injury with quite unremarkable healing. All wounds go through a repair process.” Unsurprisingly, the news story quickly disappeared from the media outlets that had published the story.

Perhaps this is an indication that claims about ACell as a key ingredient for hair loss should also be treated with a pinch of salt? What most newspapers have also failed to acknowledge is that there are already credible and proven treatments for Male Pattern Baldness that are readily available.

Proven treatments for hairloss already exist

Propecia and Minoxidil are pharmaceutical treatments which have been scientifically proven to prevent further hairloss in people with Male Pattern Baldness, as well as stimulating hair re-growth in many cases. Both hair loss products are licensed for the treatment of Male Pattern Baldness by the MHRA in the UK and approved by the FDA in America.

The Belgravia Centre’s on-site pharmacy creates individually tailored prescriptions based on these proven pharmaceutical hairloss products. For the very best results, our hairloss experts create holistic treatment programmes for each client. These often include nutritional hair supplements and LaserCombs, as well as ongoing monitoring. Our hairloss experts have unparalleled experience in treating the full range of hairloss conditions. Belgravia’s Success Stories are proof of the levels of hair loss stabilisation and regrowth experienced in so many cases.

Contact The Belgravia Centre to see how we can help you re-grow your hair. If you are not local to our London hairloss clinic, you can fill in our online diagnostic form for a home-use treatment programme that we can post anywhere in the world.

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13th March, 2016 at 9:14 pm


Hi,l would like to know how mich is prp + acell thanks

14th March, 2016 at 10:09 am

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Antonio, We do not offer PRP at Belgravia as it is not yet proven to have any benefits for hair loss. There are currently clinical trials investigating whether it could be of use or not but, for now, it remains unproven.

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